Jasmine Mist Green Tea from Sloane Tea Company

jasminemistTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

This tea is available from Amoda Tea.

Tea Description:

Classic green tea leaves possessing a natural honeyed sweetness blossom with an even sweeter aroma of freshly plucked jasmine.

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Taster’s Review:

I’ve had a few questionable jasmine teas lately.  By questionable, I mean jasmine teas that were flavored with jasmine oil instead of scented with jasmine blossoms.  When a tea is flavored with jasmine oil, the result is usually not good.  I’ve tasted a few flavored jasmine teas that turned out alright but for the most part, they’re just far too perfume-y for my liking.

Fortunately, this Jasmine Mist Green Tea from Sloane Tea Company was not flavored with jasmine oil.  Instead, it was scented with jasmine blossoms.  This is the best way to impart jasmine essence onto the tea leaf!

The dry leaf smells like jasmine and it’s a pleasantly strong fragrance.  Not too overwhelming.  I also noticed that there were no jasmine petals in the blend.  This is a sign of a good quality jasmine tea!  The aroma of the brewed tea is a gentle jasmine note with notes of fresh, light green tea.

And that’s what I’m tasting too.  The jasmine note is distinct without tasting of perfume or soap.  It tastes like beautiful, exotic jasmine!  It doesn’t taste like perfume oil that’s been poured over tea leaves and then brewed into a liquid that’s much more suited for bathing than it is for drinking.

The green tea is a sweet, delicately grassy taste.  It’s soft and buttery and complements the lightly sweet, exquisite flavor of jasmine.

In other words, this is the good stuff, folks!  I’m happy that Amoda Tea chose to include this in this month’s box – if for no other reason than to remind me what a good jasmine tea is supposed to taste like!

Thank you, Amoda!

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