Product Review: Caramel Chai Tea Latte from International Delight

CaramelChaiProduct Information:

Where to Find:  Where International Delight products are sold.

Tea Description:

Exotic flavors of cinnamon, clove & ginger blended with notes of sweet caramel & fragrant black tea.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Rarely do I go into the grocery store and think that I’ll find something tea-like in the dairy section.  I find milk (of course) and half and half and I do use these products in my teas to make a latte on a rare occasion.  Occasionally, I’ll see a ready-to-drink iced tea in the dairy section, but it’s my experience that most of these drinks taste more of sugar than they do of tea.  So, I generally cast a disproving look toward those products and move along without giving them a second glance.

But this product earned a second glance from me because while I’ve seen many iced coffee latte drinks in the dairy section, I’ve not found a lot of chai latte drinks in the dairy section (except for in the high end grocery stores like Whole Foods).

My husband has become a fan of chai lattes lately so after checking the label to make sure that it was made with real milk and also to make sure it didn’t have any artificial sweetener (I’m allergic to aspartame), I decided to put it in the cart and give it a try.  If nothing else, it would offer an affordable offering to my husband who wants to stop at Starbucks frequently to pick up a chai latte now.

Yes, I can make a chai latte, but, he doesn’t seem to like mine as much as he likes those horrible, sugar laden ones from the coffee shops.

The labeling shows serving this one iced but also suggests trying it hot which is how I prepared it for myself.  I simply shook the carton vigorously for about 15 seconds or so to make sure that all the spices and stuff that no doubt have settled to the bottom of the carton are well incorporated and then poured about six ounces of the creamy beige liquid into my teacup.  Then I zapped it for about a minute.

This is tasty.  Now, granted, this is a very sugary drink.  It’s very similar to what I’d get from one of those aforementioned coffee shops but without the frothy top.

If you want that frothy cap, you could probably achieve it with a frother.  Mine is no longer functional so I just had to imagine that I had a frothy top.

But the lack of frothy cap aside, this tastes a lot like what I’d get if I ordered a Caramel Chai latte at one of the coffee shops.  But the price for a whole carton of this costs about half of what a large chai latte would cost from that coffee shop.

It’s warmly spiced but not what I’d call spicy.  I find myself missing the cardamom so the spices do leave a little to be desired.  But I can taste the luscious caramel notes which are very nice and I can also taste the black tea and that’s something that I often don’t taste in those coffee shop chai lattes – so this might actually have an advantage over one of those concoctions.

Note:  not all coffee shop chai lattes are created equal.  Some are better than others.

Sugary, yes.  But it’s also creamy and rich and has a pleasant flavor.  And if you happen to have a mate who prefers a coffee shop latte over a superior chai brewed from loose leaf tea and spices like I do, this could present you an agreeable substitution for those pricey drinks at the coffee shop.

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