Goomtee Autumnal Black Tea from Udyan Tea

GoomteeAutumnalTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black (Darjeeling)

Where to Buy:  Udyan Tea

Tea Description:

Goomtee is a very well known Darjeeling heritage garden planted with pure china bushes almost a century ago. This tea is for the strong hearted autumn flush lovers as it has a strong body with a very slight tinge of muscatel (grape flavour usually associated with second flush Darjeelings). It is a well balanced cup that leaves a stong after taste as well. With repeated steepings, the liquor becomes sweeter and midler. Perfect tea for long winding day with a good book in hand to read.

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Taster’s Review:

A lovely second flush Darjeeling tea, this Goomtee Autumnal Black Tea from Udyan Tea!  It’s a stronger tea than what you might expect from a Darjeeling tea.  This is not as crisp and light as a typical Darjeeling, but it’s not as heavy as other black teas.  This still has a very recognizable Darjeeling character to it.  When I sip this, my palate still identifies it as a Darjeeling.

And the question I usually have for a Darjeeling (especially a second flush) is:  am I tasting muscatel?  And the answer here is YES!  The muscatel here isn’t as strong as one of those lighter, crisper second flush Darjeeling teas but there is still that lovely, muscat grape taste that I absolutely covet when it comes to Darjeeling.

The sip starts out brisk with woodsy notes.  Almost immediately after my palate notices those woodsy tones, I start to pick up on a sweetness that reminds me of the sweetness I’d experience from golden raisins.  By mid-sip, that raisin-y note transcends into something more like a muscat grape taste.  The finish is dry and slightly astringent, but not overly so.

When it comes to Darjeeling teas, the autumnal harvest is usually my favorite, so I’m really glad that I got to experience this Autumnal Black from the Goomtee estate.  It’s really delightful to sip.

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