Passion Fruit Cheesecake Iced Black Tea from Southern Boy Teas

SBT-Passion-Fruit-CheesecakeTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy: Southern Boy Teas

Tea Description:

Passion fruit and cheesecake? Does it get more decadent than that? Well, yes, actually it does, when we combine the organic flavors of passion fruit and cheesecake with our premium organic Iyerpadi black tea to make an iced tea from heaven!

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Taster’s Review:

I made a half-gallon pitcher full of this Passion Fruit Cheesecake Iced Black Tea from Southern Boy Teas last night, and now (less than 24 hours later and I’ve only been drinking this for about 3 of those 24 hours!) the pitcher is nearly empty.  I think I have one glass of this tea left in the fridge!

In other words:  this stuff is so tasty that I don’t want to stop drinking it!

The black tea base is a very harmonious flavor with the added flavors of passion fruit and cheesecake.  The natural fruity notes of the Iyerpadi single estate black tea marries well with these flavors, allowing the flavors to come alive in my glass of iced tea while still managing to maintain its own presence there.  It tastes brisk and refreshing.  It’s strong without being aggressive or overwhelming.  It’s not astringent or bitter.  Just really, really lovely.

The passion fruit is a very well-defined flavor here.  The cheesecake is less pronounced but it adds a really lusciously smooth and creamy taste to the sip.  The tangy note of the cheesecake is there too, it’s a subtle little note that hits about mid-sip.  A slight contrast from the sweet and creamy that is quite welcome and keeps the tea from becoming cloying.

Every once in a while, I also pick up on light buttery/pastry type of notes.  This buttery/pastry flavor seem to mostly be hidden within the ubiquitous cheesecake note, not really standing on it’s own so much as being part of the collective ‘cheesecake’ but every once in a while, I taste a little more of that flavor, as if it is trying to stand up and shout: “Hello, I’m here too!”

So I guess if I were to offer any sort of criticism at all about this tea, that would be it.  I might like just a tad more of that buttery/pastry flavor here.  But as I mentioned at the start, I’ve nearly polished off an entire half-gallon of this magical liquid in fewer than four hours.

I think I’m going to be needing more of this.

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