Perles de Antilles Rooibos Blend from Camellia Sinensis

perlesdeantillesTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Roiboos

This tea is available from Amoda Tea.

Tea Description:

What makes this extra good? One, it’s organic. Two, the coconut is subtle, rather than being the main note. Three… is that banana I taste? How unusual, but very pleasant. Together with the green rooibos, this is a fantastic combo. Soft, sweet and creamy. You can try it hot or iced.

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Taster’s Review:

Rooibos blends just aren’t my favorite.  They just aren’t.  But I do enjoy green rooibos more than I do red rooibos – I find that light, fruity note of the green rooibos to be appealing, especially when it’s part of a fruit flavored blend like this Perles de Antilles Rooibos Blend from Camellia Sinensis.

I think that the above description from Amoda Tea to be pretty spot on:  the coconut notes are soft and unassuming, and the banana adds a pleasant flavor to this delightful tropical fruit flavored tisane.  The overall flavor is indeed “soft, sweet and creamy.”

The creaminess is kind of a surprise for me, because I haven’t had a lot of green rooibos blends that have been what I’d categorize as “creamy.”  Usually, they’re light and crisp and have almost a ‘bubbly’ type of character to them.  I suspect the coconut and banana flavors brings a bit of creaminess to the party.

The pineapple adds a little bit of brightness to the cup.  The apple is not particularly distinguishable, but I do note a little bit of apple-like sweetness that enhances the overall cup.

I really like this:  it’s a soothing, gentle kind of flavor, the kind of tisane you want to curl up to late at night.  And because it’s naturally caffeine-free, you can do just that.  It’s sweet and it’s fruity without tasting like a cloying fruit punch concoction.  It’s quite tasty, really.

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