Windsor Castle Black Tea Blend from Queen’s Pantry

WindsorCastleTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Queen’s Pantry

Tea Description:

Full bodied flavoury tea with toast notes from Darjeeling, maltiness from Assam and lively flavour from Ceylon.  Worthy of royal households.

Learn more about this tea here.

Learn more about the MidWest Tea Fest here.

Taster’s Review:

This is another tea that I was sent by one of the organizers of the MidWest Tea Fest!  Queen’s Pantry Tea is one of the vendors that will be featured at the Tea Festival, and I’m so happy to be tasting their Windsor Castle Black Tea Blend today!

This is a very pleasant blend of three black teas:  Assam, Ceylon and Darjeeling.  I like that I can taste elements from all three teas.  I’m tasting a rich, malty character from the Assam, a brisk note from the Ceylon as well as a note of citrus which is a typical Ceylon trait, and a crisp lightness and notes of grape from the Darjeeling.

The combination of these three teas produces a tea that is well-rounded with a medium body.  It’s not too heavy or aggressive.  I’m not getting any bitterness from the tea – although I would still caution you not to oversteep it and because Darjeeling is in the mix, I went with a slightly lower temperature (200°F) to steep the tea.  While there is some astringency to this, it’s rather slight.

This would make a really nice mid-morning or mid-day tea.  It’s got a really lively, brisk flavor to it that will give you that perk-me-up that you might need as the day wears on, but it isn’t so stimulating that you’ll be bouncing off the walls!midwestteafest

And with the nicely round flavor that this tea offers, it would be a very nice choice to serve to guests.  It’d make a great iced tea too, try serving with a thin slice of lemon or a mint sprig!

Hey!  Don’t forget about the MidWest Tea Fest!  It’s a great event that will offer you the opportunity to try some amazing teas from Queen’s Pantry as well as other tea companies and you’ll also have the opportunity to attend demonstrations and classes from experts in the tea industry!  Sounds like an amazing weekend!

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