Peaches and Cream from Piper & Leaf

PeachesandCreamTea Information:

Leaf Type: Black

Where to Buy: Piper & Leaf

Tea Description:

This tea is rich and creamy, with bright elements of peaches and apricots. A black tea base, blended with locally grown peaches, apricots, papayas, pineapples, hibiscus, and vanilla. Smooth over ice, brighter served hot. Delicious with a dash of milk! Brew this tea for 3.5-4 minutes. Taste develops nicely as the pot sits(after loose leaf is removed) so make a pot and enjoy the journey. This tea is lightly caffeinated.

Learn more about this tea here.

Learn more about their Tea of the Month program here.

Taster’s Review:

I wish we had a tea shop where I live.  About the extent we have are grocery stores and some coffee shops around the area.  So when I see shops like Piper & Leaf, I seem to get a wee bit jealous.  This has to be one of the cutest shops I’ve seen online in a while. They even sell these very cool drinking jars with their logo on them.   (Those might just end up in my cart one of these days)

peachesandcream1This tea smells like peach candy! It smells fruity and brews up to a very pretty amber color.  I made this tea up per their instructions and then dumped the tea into a huge glass of ice.  First taste and I was surprised.  I’m not picking up the intended peaches’n cream sort of flavor.  This tea comes across as being very tart.  I am for sure picking up the hibiscus that is in this blend.  It almost seems to over take the tea, which makes me sad.  From the description this tea sounds like it would be a great light tea for the summer.  The pineapple flavor is also there and shows up more and more as I drink the tea. The black tea base is also pretty overwhelming, giving the tea a slight astringent factor.  It is good, just not what I was hoping for.  I am completely missing the Peaches ‘N Cream flavor.

I wish the tea tasted more like what the name of it is.  A great iced Peaches ‘N Cream tea would be fantastic for the summer.  I wonder if it would be better with a green tea base. . . or maybe even a green rooibos base. . .

I probably just need to try again and shake the bag up more.  This little bump is in no way going to stop me from placing an order for some more samples.  There are some tasty looking blends on their site that I think I just have to try!

NOTE:  The second infusion was a lot better than the second.  I added in another scoop of tea as well.  The creaminess shone thru and the vanilla became a star.  I think if you “monkey” around with the steepings and a few other variables a bit you can pull out the Peaches ‘N Cream flavor.  

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