Yunnan Gold Pearls Tea from Canton Tea Co.

gold yunnan pearlsTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Canton Tea Co.

Tea Description:

These attractively gold-flecked, marble-sized black tea pearls have been hand-rolled from high-grade Yunnan Gold leaf tea into perfectly compressed spheres. They make a delicously smooth, medium-bodied brew. Each pearl weighs around one gram, so use just two or three in a small teapot. Made in Fen Qing, in Yunnan, they are ideal at work or on holiday.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I’ve been reviewing tea for a long time and while my time as a tea reviewer is about to come to an end (but I’ll talk more about that later!), in the years that I’ve been reviewing tea, one thing that has never gotten old for me is receiving a package of tea in the mail.  There are few things that elicit as much joy for me as receiving a parcel of tea.

And my excitement was doubled when I opened my package from Canton Tea Co. and found that it included a sampling of their Yunnan Gold Pearls!  I love pearl teas as it is, but I have a special fondness for black pearls because – well, I guess because they’re awesome!

The flavor that comes from black pearl teas like this one is outstanding.  Sweet and smooth.  No bitterness and very little astringency.  It has a heartiness to it which surprised me given how short a time I steeped the pearls.  Some malt notes as well as notes of cacao and caramel.  I taste a distinct note of stone fruit as well.  Quite yummy!

I steeped my first infusion of the pearls for just 2 minutes and the cup is incredibly smooth and very flavorful.  It surprises me just how much flavor it has after steeping for 2 minutes.  The pearls had not completely unfurled so you know I’m going to resteep!

My second infusion was even more flavorful than the first – which is quite unusual when it comes to most black teas!  But not with these Yunnan Gold Pearls!  The flavor is still rich and flavorful.  I’m tasting more notes of  earth this time around and lovely hints of peppery spice.  I still get those lovely notes of caramel and cacao and a beautiful malty tone.

Truly a treasure, these Yunnan Gold Pearls!

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