Green Tea Kombucha from Yogi

GreenTeaKombuchaTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy: Yogi

Tea Description:

Our Green Tea Kombucha was inspired by a remedy that dates back to ancient Russia. Updated for today’s lifestyle, Yogi’s special formula of Organic Green Tea with Kombucha is designed to support your immune system and provide antioxidants. Spearmint naturally supports digestion, and Lemongrass and Plum flavor combine to create a smooth, fragrant blend with a light, fruity flavor. Once the steeping process is complete, you are ready to enjoy a delicious, delightful and soothing cup of green tea.

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Taster’s Review:

Sometimes at work, making loose leaf tea just doesn’t happen.  It is so much easier just to throw some water in a cup and a tea bag.  That is how my week has been this week.  I don’t know what is going on but it has been crazier than the usual crazy it is day in and day out.

Looked in my drawer and this one was in my tea bag stash.  Brewed it up per the instructions on the bag and dumped in ice.

For a tea bag style tea, this is decent.  This tastes very sweet and there is a very very slight hint of green tea.  The plum flavors are what comes thru the most.  This isn’t like a sugary kind of sweet but a sweet you would get from fruit. I wish the lemongrass flavors would poke their head out more.  I am completely missing that flavor.  As to the Kombucha, I don’t really know much about it and not sure what it adds to the flavor.  I need to do more research and see what I can come up with there.

This tea is simple and easy.  No a whole lot of mess or fuss.  I wish the spearmint and lemongrass flavors were stronger but overall I really enjoy it and would pick it up again.

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