Strawberry Lemonade Iced Honeybush Tea from Southern Boy Teas

SBT-HONEYBUSH-Strawberry-LemonadeTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Honeybush/Herbal

Where to Buy: Southern Boy Teas

Tea Description:

Premium organic caffeine-free honeybush with organic flavors. Each 14g teabag will make one 2-quart pitcher of DELICIOUS iced tea. Steep teabag in enough boiling water to cover the teabag (and to allow it a little room to expand) for 4 minutes or longer (honeybush cannot be oversteeped). Then combine with ice and water to make a 2-quart pitcher. It couldn’t be simpler–OR more delicious!

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Taster’s Review:

Strawberry Lemonade. . yes please! Any tea that has that combination that doesn’t have red rooibos in it, I’m all about.  And oh mama. . .this one did not disappoint!

I have been cold brewing like mad lately! I love it.  I throw a pitcher in at night with either loose leaf or one of these SBT pouches (which are just too handy!) and in the morning before I head out to take the kiddos where they need to go, I have my tea all set.  It is fantastic! For some reason, I always shied away from these in the past, not sure why.  Maybe I was just not sure about the whole cold brew thing. But not anymore!

I am a huge fan of lemonade.  So I thought this one I would enjoy.  I think I cried when I finished this one up and wasn’t able to steep it anymore ( I think I got about 3 infusions out of it).  This is probably my favorite of all of the SBT offerings.  The strawberry flavor is spot on. Sweet but not overly so.  The lemonade has that fresh squeezed lemon taste to it. No chemical taste or artificial tastes to this delightful treat.  Only berry lemon goodness.    Neither flavor dominates the other either.  The honeybush provides the a touch of sweetness and a hint of creaminess to the iced tea.  As I am typing this up I am wondering if I can justify to myself ordering about 10 pouches of this stuff right now. . . just so I have my own little stockpile.

I am really happy with it.  And highly recommend it.  This tea is going to be perfect for the awesome weather coming our way in a few weeks.

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