Goodbye from LiberTEAS!

 KaydenThis isn’t a tea review.

Tomorrow starts a new chapter in my life as a tea aficionado.  For the last six plus years, I’ve been writing tea reviews and I’ve loved this “occupation”.  It offered me the unique opportunity to sample teas from all around the world – teas I might not have otherwise had the opportunity to get to know.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you might be aware of the fact that I recently ran a successful Kickstarter campaign and the purpose of the campaign was so that I could take over 52Teas brand from its creator, Frank Horbelt.

Frank has had several different tea ventures over the years.  Recently, Frank realized that he wanted to devote his full efforts to his iced tea business, Southern Boy Teas so he asked me if I would take over the brand 52Teas.

I was excited by the prospect.  Some of you may be aware that I used to operate another tea business:  Life, LiberTEA & the Pursuit of Happiness, which was later simplified to LiberTEAS.  I closed that business about 7 years ago because I realized that I’m much better at creating teas but not so great at running a business.  So when Frank offered me 52Teas, I was – like I said – excited but I was also a little nervous.  (OK, a lot nervous!)

So I talked to my oldest daughter who is incredibly sensible and smart hoping she’d tell me what I should do.  I was surprised – happily so! – when she offered to help me with this undertaking!  So we became a team!

Now, I don’t have to worry about the running the business part of the business.  I can just do what I do best – creating teas.  And with a brand like 52Teas – what an amazing platform!  I get to create a unique and unusual tea blend every single week!

But because I’m back in the tea business, I won’t feel right about reviewing other people’s teas.  I don’t think it will be an ethical thing for me to do.  And it certainly wouldn’t be ethical for me to review my own teas.  So, I’m saying goodbye to the SororiTea Sisters Tea Review Blog.

But, I’m not riding off into the sunset.  I’ll still be very actively involved in SororiTea Sisters.  I did, after all – co-found this blog with TeaEqualsBliss!  This blog is still my baby!

As you are probably aware, we’ve brought on a few more sisters over the last few months, and you can get to know them here.  They – along with TeaEqualsBliss – will do the writing, and I’ll act as administrator of the blog.52teas3

I’ll still be posting the reviews to Twitter.  I’ll still be occasionally posting them to our Facebook page.  I’ll still be around – I just won’t be writing anymore.  At least – not here.  But I’ll have my own little blog space on the all new 52Teas website.

So, don’t be a stranger!  Please feel free to stop by and drop me a comment on my new website.  Or better yet:  buy some tea!  Or buy a lot of tea!  More tea = more happiness!

5 thoughts on “Goodbye from LiberTEAS!

    1. Thank you Jackie! It’s been quite a path thus far and the last three months have been especially crazy for us – but, we’re really excited and happy that we’re getting things going.

  1. Excited to see this new venture come to fruition. A bold move, indeed. While we’ll miss the reviews, it is quite understandable wanting to back away from it once you start your own venture. Best of luck!

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