Exotic Floral Green Tea from Mela Teas

exoticfloralgreenTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Mela Teas

Tea Description:

Ceylon green tea is mixed with Sepalika flowers, a classical Ayurvedic ingredient, said to induce calmness and tranquility. Maintains all the health properties of green tea, with the added benefit and buttery taste of the Sepalika flower.

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Taster’s Review:

Ever have a day where it feels like nothing is going right? It isn’t like things are going wrong per say.  Just that before you have one project finished, another one pops up and another and still yet another.  That is my day today.

Every day when I come to work I bring a  bag full of different teas along with me.  You never know what kind of mood you will be in once you hit the office.  My office has a full kitchen in it so I have lots of tea ware goodies.  Today was the kind of day that I pulled out the big guns and went for a refreshing soothing green tea that I hoped when get me thru the rest of the day.

I reached for my sample of Exotic Floral Green Tea from Mela Teas.  Their Colombo Garlic tea was phenomenal.  I know, garlic tea. . but it was so very good.  I had high expectations for this tea as well.

I steeped this beauty up per the instructions on the package- 170F-3 min. As the tea steeped at my desk, there was a light floral fragrance in the air.  Not overwhelming, just ever so slight.  Made me smile and I breathed in deep.  Just knowing I was about ready to indulge in this tea made me start to relax.

First sip and I was gone.  This tea has such a beautiful quality to it.  The green tea is there with a slight bitter edge but it works well and counteracts the sweet floral taste.  This blend reminds me almost of a tea you would drink while reading a romance novel or one of my beloved Jane Austen novels.  Such a delicate tea all around.  Not being a jasmine fan, I really wasn’t sure what I would think of this tea. Before I knew it, my tea cup was empty and I needed more.

This tea is subtle with just the right amount of floral and natural flavors that create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.  I literally have papers all over my desk but I am not freaking out in the slightest.  This tea came to my rescue!

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