Funnier in Enochian: Castiel Supernatural Inspired Tea Rose Blend from Fandom Teas

FunnierinEnochianTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy: Fandom Teas

Tea Description:

A tea fit for our favorite Cas! If Cas found this tea shop, he would drink it. This special blend fits Cas’s angel attitude with a pleasant rose aroma and delicious soft flavor.
-Part of the Supernatural Series of teas inspired by the hit TV series Supernatural
-Available in 1oz and 2oz loose leaf or 10 individual tea bags
-Great gift for the Supernatural fan!

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I admit it, I am not a Supernatural fan.  Only because of time.  I have engulfed myself in so many other shows that this one has just gone by the way side.  Specifically as of late, we have been watching a ton of Northern Exposure and Game of Thrones.  Jason and I have been binging like mad on Northern Exposure and now with GoT over and we have just about finished up with the whole Northern Exposure show, I’m hoping I can jump right into Supernatural.  So please forgive that I’m in the dark with the references to Cas.

What I can talk about is the tea itself.  I have been craving rose petals in tea as o f late.  Something that I’ve touched on in my blog-CuppaGeek.  I tried a rose herbal that turned my thoughts completely about having rose petals in my teas that I drink. Typically I wouldn’t give them a second look.  Anymore, I am reaching out and craving for those beautiful flowers to be in my tea.

This is a black tea with rose petals. These particular rose petals are more of a peach color than the pink or purple ones I have had in the past.  I brewed this up like a typical black tea- 212F-1 cup water-2 min in my glass teapot.   Let this cool just for a few seconds before taking my first sip.

First sip in and this is the flavor I have been craving.  The black tea providing a smooth background and the rose petals added a slight sweet flavor.  Simple but very well done.  This is a tea that could get muddled pretty quick with having too much of the black tea in and not the proper ratio of black tea to rose petals.  What I would love to see is maybe a touch of vanilla or honey added in to kick the sweetness up a notch and giving the tea more dimension.  But even as it sits, this is a subtle tea that would be perfect tea for any time of the day.  Another gem found on Etsy.  Great job Chris & Alexa@ Frandom Teas.  Can’t wait to try the rest!

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