Easy Bein’ Green from Paper Box Goodies

EasyBeinGreenTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy: Paper Box Goodies

Tea Description:

This Sencha blend is nice and mild, with that vegetal taste green teas are known for. Lemon balm, lemon peel, and orange peel jazz this green tea up into a great iced or hot tea. Seep for 2 minutes.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I really like the Paper Box Goodies tea.  They are no fuss no nonsense sort of teas.  They are all bagged teas but they are done very well.

This particular blend is a green tea.  A crisp fresh green tea with a honey and slight citrus twist.  I steeped this up like I would any traditional green tea with the help of my Breville One Touch.  I love using my Breville to prep the water.  that way there is no guessing on the correct temperature.

So with a name like Easy Bein’ Green, I instantly think Kermit.  Such fond memories of watching The Muppet’s when I was a kid and still to this day I enjoy them.  I’m so excited for the new Muppet’s series to come out.  Gonzo and the Swedish Chef were my favorites.  I loved how the Swedish Chef mumbled everything and threw everything around. Such great memories. And all from a name of a tea.

Like I noted before, this green tea was fantastic.  I drank this iced and hot and I actually think I prefer this hot.  The green buttery richness was on target with want I wanted and there was such a nice honey background.  The citrus twist would come and go but brought a bit of a different feel to the tea, giving a uniqueness to it. I’m not sure I got orange from the tea like the description would suggest but just an overall citrus note.

I honestly can say that after the cuppa was empty, I promptly refilled with more water and had myself another cuppa.  This tea was good. Spot on.  And just all around perfect for what I was wanting.  Paper Box Goodies excels at providing their customers with no mess teas, something I’m in need of right now.

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