Teatox from Fit Life Tea Co.

teatoxTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Herbal

Where to Buy: Fit Life Tea Co.

Tea Description:

Say goodbye to weight gain, bloating and digestive stress. Two daily cups of Organic Teatox can help burn fat, stimulate weight loss, boost your immune system and cleanse your digestive system.

Our pyramid tea bag extracts maximum flavor to infuse more essential oils and flavor into your cup. Steeping releases purifying dynamic ingredients that can ease bloating and, together with proper diet and exercise, help promote weight loss.

Custom blended Organic Teatox has a ruby red color, sweet aroma and distinctive fruity taste. And zero calories.

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Taster’s Review:

Before I begin with this review, I just want to say that I’ve never had a tea help me loose weight.  I’ve had some teas make me feel better, but I’ve never seen any evidence on the scale.  I know there is a lot of controversy on weight loss teas and sometimes I’ve seen some pretty heated battles.  So for this review,I want to keep things calm and easy going and we aren’t going to talk about the detoxing properties of the tea.  I only had one tea bag to try as well so there really wouldn’t be much in the way of results.  So let me tell you a bit about my experience with this tea.

What I liked about this tea is the convenience.  They provide the tea in tea bags so I was able to prep this up with some boiling water without much fuss.  5 minutes later I am greeted with a gorgeous dark pink beverage waiting for me to try it.  Inside the tea bag was a lot of dried hibiscus along with a few other odds and ends of ingredients. But primarily hibiscus.

First sip in and this is for those who really enjoy their hibiscus.  I really only tasted the hibiscus and none of the other ingredients listed.  The hibiscus dominated the cuppa.  Now with saying that, I still enjoyed the flavor.  This isn’t something I would reach for on a daily basis but I’m liking the flavor.  The tartness is there but it isn’t as sharp as other hibiscus blends.  This reminds me more of that sugar free Kool-Aid flavor or Crystal Light.

For my second cup, I added ice and had a nice refreshing hibiscus iced tea for after lunch.  Again, tart but not overly so and I didn’t feel the need to add any sweeteners.  I think this is a tea that does ask for a sweetener but I wanted to keep this plain.

My last thoughts on this- It was good but not something I would drink a lot of.  If you are a hibiscus fan (like I said earlier), I think you may enjoy this one a bit more than me. I’m still happy I was able to try it. Been curious about this one for a bit.

Off to the next tea!

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