HoneyBee Tea from Sunshine Cottage

honeybeeTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Sunshine Cottage

Tea Description:

Lightly floral with a lingering honey taste, a sip of this tea conjures up images of honey bees in the warm summer sun visiting flower after flower – This is definitely a happy tea!!

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I adore Sunshine Cottage teas.  I have reviewed several of their teas and have found very few that I don’t just fall in love with instantly!

As the description indicates, this tea is a happy tea.  The warm honey notes and the irresistible black tea base mix well together giving you a smooth and sweet cuppa that makes you smile.  I haven’t tried this iced but I will. As good as this is as a hot cuppa, iced I can only imagine how incredible this tea would be. I am planning on ordering more soon to try this as a cold brew or even try mixing this up in a cake mix to liven up a treat.

My only issue with this tea is how bitter it gets quick if you oversteep which I did on my second infusion.  But my first infusion was pure honey heaven! The honey was sweet and natural tasting without any strong astringency notes.  I can see this being a great tea to be served at tea time with some little biscuits or treats.  Matter of fact, I think I might just plan my own tea party and serve this.

If you haven’t tried Sunshine Cottage teas, you are missing out.  These are some of the best flavored black teas I’ve had in a while! The are fresh and so much fun!

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