Talayar Limited Edition Black Tea from The Tea Shelf

talayarTea Information:

Leaf Type: Black

Where to Buy: The Tea Shelf

Tea Description:

These limited edition teas are crafted by hand by selective picking and gentle processing, resulting in exquisite teas with the right twist and form. A knobbly gnarly look with peaks of silver and the odd bright green, they have gentle hints of spice when infused. The tea completely blossoms into individual leaves without any signs of wear or tear; the magic of hand rolled. This is indicative of the care taken in the picking and processing of these teas. The golden liquor captures the delicate floral character, and broad brush strokes of spice, particularly pepper. These teas are an embodiment of tea in its finest form from this region.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Oh sweet mama this tea is singing to me!

This particular tea is a tea I won with a tea best tea bud of mine on a Facebook contest.  I know! I never win those contests either but I won this go around from The Tea Shelf, so first off- thank you The Tea Shelf for an amazing sampling of your teas.  It is much appreciated!

Now, to the tea!

This specific tea is a black tea and from the little symbols on the pouch this tea is indulging, low caffeine, floral, good for anytime and is to be drank plain. ( Can I say how much I adore these little symbols.  I didn’t notice them until I was reviewing the tea but so fun! ) While steeping, this tea had such a beautiful lovely floral fragrance.  I couldn’t wait for the 3 minutes to be up so I could take my first sip!

First sip and just wow.  This tea has the it factor for the afternoon.  Really good.  The floral notes are gorgeous and provide a sweet backdrop for the smooth yet slightly astringent finish.  The tea has this nice contrast between sweet and savory going on.  The description depicts a tea with a pepper like profile but I’m not getting that right now.  I’m getting a more sweet savory sort of malty tea that is going down smooth and really enveloping my whole mouth.

This tea is making me happy right now and this is only the first infusion.  I’m curious if the more infusions and time I spend with this tea if i will be able to get more of those pepper notes to appear.  If not, I’m quite satisfied with what I have.  This is hitting the spot this afternoon.

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