Ana’s Green Tea from Nepali Tea Traders

AnasGreenTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy: Nepali Tea Traders

Tea Description:

Succulent green leaves from select bushes with high chlorophyll content are selected for our signature green, second-flush tea. The result is a liquor with an exquisite lime brightness and sweet vegetal aroma and flavor. This tea reflects the best qualities of our high-altitude Himalayan green teas, vibrant, fresh and flavorful. Ana’s also reveals a smooth mouthfeel and lovely sweet finish.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Thanks to an amazing Steepster tea pal, I was able to try this one and I’m so glad I was. I have been impressed by the teas I’ve had from Nepali Tea Traders and I am looking forward to trying more.

This tea is a delicious green tea.  Vibrant with a gorgeous color.  There is a distinct vegetal profile but there are also hidden notes of sweetness that appear in every other sip or so.

What I think I love the most are the smooth rich velvet rich mouthfeel (just like the description of the tea) you get with every sip.  The tea coats your mouth giving off such a warm and fuzzy feeling.  This is one of those teas you drink while you are cuddled with your favorite book and blanket on a rainy day.

This is a tea that I can’t wait to share with the twins.  They have been really getting into tea lately!

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