Pisces from the Zodiac Collection by AstroloTeas

Zodiac-PiscesTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black/Herbal

Where to Buy: AstroloTeas

Tea Description:

An intuitive dance of flavors to open the imagination, inspire compassion, and dive deep into the dreams of The Fish.

Every sign rules a different part of the body, Pisces rules the feet, immune system, hormones and circulation. The Pisces tea, a deep and spicy blend with a high fruity note, is like a full-body jolt of inspiration.

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Taster’s Review:

Looking for a strong cinnamon spiced tea to bring on the fall days? Check out this one.

This tea is very cinnamon flavored tea, almost to the point of mouth drying.  This isn’t the sweet kind of cinnamon either, but the more robust spiced flavor.  The base of this tea is an Assam and it is delicious.  The cinnamon mixes well with the base giving this tea an almost chai like feel with out the clover and ginger flavors.  I don’t really pick up any of the rosehips flavor or the other ingredients mixed in.

I find myself almost longing for a touch of sweetness or maybe even a dollop of cream or milk to kick this tea up and give it a sweet spiced contrast.

Not loving or hating this tea, more or less thinking this would be killer as a latte with caramel and whip cream on top.  That would be an awesome fall latte for sure.  This may not be my favorite AstroloTea but this is still quite tasty.

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