Keemun Tea from Red Blossom Tea Company

b-100-1Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black Tea

Where to Buy: Red Blossom Tea Company

Tea Description:

Developed by a Chinese mandarin in 1875 to satiate the increasing demand for tea in Europe, Keemun quickly became the primary tea export of late 19th century imperial China. Today, it is a key component in traditional English Breakfast blends, but usually used in smaller quantities because of its cost relative to lower grade Indian Assams.

Our Keemun comes from Anhui Province, China. The leaves were harvested from a tea garden in the county of Qimen. Once harvested the leaves are cut to increase the rate of oxidation, a process that creates the rich mahogany color of the tea.

This is a good everyday breakfast tea. Its dark mahogany color, honeyed aroma and floral character makes a lighter brew than Indian blends, but the heartiness of this tea means it could hold up well to high temperature English style brewing.

We selected our Keemun for its heavier, deeper character. As a breakfast tea, it can be brewed to upwards of five minutes and can (if you like) be served with a bit of milk and sugar. We prefer a more straightforward approach, steeped in either a gaiwan or a small tea pot.

To do so, use 3.5 grams of tea leaves, brewed at 200 degrees Give the tea an initial 1 second rinse, then proceed to steep for 1 minute 30 seconds. Steep the second infusion for 1 minute 20 seconds. For subsequent brews, increase steep time in 30 second increments.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Keemun Tea from Red Blossom Tea Company is the tea of the moment here at Sororitea Sisters.  I’ve had this tea on and off in my collection for a few years now and don’t know why I haven’t reviewed it until now.  Perhaps it’s because I’m finally finishing off what I have in my current stash and don’t know when I will come across it again.  Perhaps it’s just the right time for a review of a mighty fine Keemun here on our site.  Either way…here it goes!

When I say Keemun Tea from Red Blossom Tea Company is a good, solid ‘middle of the road’ tea I’m saying that with the utmost respect!  This is a dandy of a tea, indeed!  It’s of great quality and the flavor very pleasing to the tongue, tummy, and soul!  Maybe the phrase ‘middle of the road’ better describes the strength of the Keemun as a black tea base as it isn’t overpowering nor is it weak.  It’s ‘just right’.   Notes of flowers and honey really make this flavor shine!

Keemun Tea from Red Blossom Tea Company is a great staple to have in your personal tea collection and/or stash if you enjoy various black teas.  If you come across this one – give it a try!


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