Everest Sunrise from Conundrum Tea

EverestSunriseTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy: Conundrum Tea

Tea Description:

This double-roasted black tea has almost no astringency or dryness to it but it contains some very complex, full flavors.  It tastes of molasses, raisin, and sweet potato with more subtle hints of grape and caramelized sugar.  It has an incredibly sweet aftertaste for a black tea.  The orange color of the brewed tea reminds us of a fire and the leaves have a strong, sweet fragrance along with a root vegetable smell which is common for the high-altitude teas of Nepal.

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Taster’s Review:

I’ve only had a few Conundrum Teas in the past but what I have tried has been amazing! Right from the start I knew this tea was going to be different and a nice change of pace. The dry leaf had such a lovely robust feel to it.

Brewed this up like a black tea -212F prepped water with about a 4 minute steeping time. Never having this tea before, I wanted to error on the side of caution.  I didn’t want to oversteep.

Took my first sip and the description of this tea fits this tea perfectly.  Sweet with hints of a sweet potato like finish.  Almost and I hate to say it, dirt like? But take that as a good thing.  This tea is delicious.  The sweetness really mixes well with this malty note that is going on.  I didn’t so much get the grape flavor but all the rest I did.  Such a cool tea.  So many different notes and flavors going on.  Each sip I take I sit here and try to figure out exactly what I’m picking up.

This is why I started to drink tea.  It is just such an adventure. . .especially when you are drinking a delight like this one. So good with so many different attributes. I think I need another cuppa!

2 thoughts on “Everest Sunrise from Conundrum Tea

  1. Thanks for this review.

    I do love buying teas at Conundrum Tea, aside of it quality, greatness of taste and benefits. I know each buy of tea from Conundrum Tea will not only benefits me but the farmers who grow the tea benefits as well.

  2. One of my best source of black tea, Conundrum Tea is not just a dealer it is an organization who organize tea farmer and producers in order to provide highest possible quality tea.

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