Organic Breakfast from TeaBox

OrgBreakTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black Tea

Where to Buy: TeaBox

Tea Description:

A harmonious blend, this is the kind of tea you turn to when you need a hearty cup before the start of a day.
Beaming with smooth, sweet flavors of dates and honey, and refreshing bite of coriander, every sip satiates you a little more than the next. It has just the right amount of astringency to toggle the smoothness of the tea without distorting the balance, rendering, thus, a gratifying experience.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Organic Breakfast Tea from TeaBox is much more than an average Breakfast Tea.  It may just be one of the BEST Breakfast’s I’ve ever tried to date!  And speaking of dates…this tea has lovely date notes to it!  The black tea base is malty, woodsy-sweet, date-like, fairly astringent (but in a good way), and of medium strength as far as black teas go!  It has a tad of a spice to it as well and after seeing the flavor profile on their website it totally makes sense to me that those notes are comparable to coriander.

As far as the color is concerned it is a rich amber that is really brilliant!  The aroma also has a hint of tulsi or basil-broth liking to it post-infusion.  If you are looking for a robust breakfast tea offering try Organic Breakfast Tea from TeaBox.  It’s a tea that excels in the breakfast bunch!


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