Asobu Ice Tea Infuser Glass Water Bottle To-Go

botTea Ware:

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Tea Description:

  • 14-Ounce Iced Tea Infuser Glass Water Bottle
  • Made of heat resistant, insulated glass
  • Removable top and bottom lids for easy use with loose tea leaf
  • A great Tea thermos and mug
  • Dishwasher safe 100% BPA free


Taster’s Review:

Sometimes we get so excited about the tea we drink that we don’t chat about the amazing pieces of tea ware that are out there.  Recently I picked up a few and some of them have really impressed me.  As a tea enthusiasts who has to constantly re-organize her kitchen and desk at work because of all the tea ware she gets, I always love hearing what others pick up that help me brew up my favorite beverage.  This particular bottle is one of those pieces.

This cold brewing bottle is fantastic.  Easy to use, easy to clean, as far as I’ve experienced-leak proof, and most important of all- the easiest way to cold brew tea that I’ve come across so far. I love cold brew tea but I didn’t have a great way to do it. I came across this bottle and instantly bought it.


The bottle itself is super easy to put into action.  This bottle comes in a few pieces, a top lid, a bottom infuser, and a lid for the bottom of the bottom, plus the bottle itself.  All you need to do to create delicious cold brew tea is unscrew the infuser bottom basket, add in your loose leaf tea (more than you would for brewing your typical hot tea), put the infuser into the bottom of the basket with the opening facing out, screw on the lid, flip the bottle over (make sure that bottom lid is screwed on tight), and screw the lid on. Place the bottle in your fridge overnight.  When you wake up, you’ll have fresh cold brew tea.  Simple and easy without having to have several pieces of tea ware to get the desired effect.  What is even better is that the bottle is a nice size and it fits perfectly into the side of my laptop bag or in my purse.  It can also double as a fruit infuser if you are in the mood for more of just a plain fruit flavored water.

Such a great tool and I’m so glad to have it. Cold brewing tea can sometimes draw out hidden flavors in your tea that you couldn’t pick up brewed hot.  It is also a great way to use up any extra tea that is hanging out in your tea stash since you have to use more tea than when you brew hot.

I’ve been using this bottle for cold brew for about 2 weeks now and have found that I have been reaching for the bottle to make iced or cold brew tea more than my tea pots.  Just a fun piece to have!

2 thoughts on “Asobu Ice Tea Infuser Glass Water Bottle To-Go

  1. Yep! I have no problem washing it. I wash it like any other steeper or infuser. I hand wash it personally but that is just because my dish washer tends to chip things. It works really well. I’m actually planning on buying another one.

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