2 Quart Cold Brew Coffee and Tea Infuser Mason Jar from Country Line Kitchen

BallJarTea Information:

Tea Product: Cold Brew Infuser

Where to Buy: Country Line Kitchen

Tea Description:

  • Make your own cold brewed coffee easily and without the mess in our two quart mason jar brewing system. Components are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • Made with high quality, BPA free materials. Includes a Ball brand jar and lid, heavy duty stainless steel filter and silicone seal. Includes an instruction manual with several pages of recipes!
  • Uses a versatile and durable mason jar for brewing. No fragile borosilicate glass or plastic containers. Add your own mason jar to store your cold brewed coffee while making a fresh batch.
  • The extra large filter allows a 1:3 coffee to water ratio that results in a strong coffee concentrate. In addition, the silicone seal allows the jar to be shaken during brewing to ensure thorough wetting of the grounds to extract the maximum intensity from the coffee.
  • Also makes a great loose leaf tea infuser and fruit infuser. Make a batch of delicious sun tea or infuse ½ gallon of water with your favorite fruits!

Learn more about this tea product here.

Taster’s Review:


Who doesn’t love a fresh crisp glass of cold brewed tea? The problem is that I haven’t found the best way to go about making it. Sure you can just dump some tea leaves into a vessel of you choice and put it in the fridge overnight. But the problem with doing that is the mess that it creates afterwards.  Tea leaves always end up in your tea and you have to scoop out the remaining leaves and wash and rewash the vessel to make sure it is clean. Hence, it is a pain but the tea tastes amazing. Cold brewed tea allows the tea leaves to really explode with flavor and sometimes hidden flavors that you couldn’t taste in a hot brewed tea will become more pronounced.

Welcome to my teaware family this wonderful 2 QT Mason Jar Infuser! Yes, the main purpose for this infuser is to make iced coffee but I have to say I haven’t even tried iced coffee yet in this delight. I am just addicted to the cold brew tea I have been devouring over the last week.

The concept is quite simple. A giant (very cool looking) Mason Jar with a filter that runs the full length of the jar and a plastic lid. That is it. Put your tea leaves into the fine mesh filter, fill with fresh cold water, screw on the lid, and wait.  8-10 hours (or less depending on your preference) and you have yourself some wonderful cold brew tea. I have been cold brewing teas like mad and loving the flavors and undertones that I hadn’t picked up from the tea when I drank it hot. I have also found that some teas that I may not have necessarily cared for taste amazing cold brewed, giving me a chance to drink down some teas I have been neglecting in the back of the ol tea stash.

I actually used the same leaves for almost a week, just continuously pouring in fresh water and allowing the tea to sit for a while.  To clean the infuser all you have to do is scoop out the tea leaves in the filter, toss them in the garbage or garden, and clean the glass jar. That is it. No harder than cleaning any other kind of infuser.

A really great way to enjoy your tea and the fact that the get up is easy to clean and easily fits in your fridge (another bonus!), just makes this product even more enduring to me. I’m buying another one so we can have one for coffee and one for tea but I have a feeling I’ll be just using the second infuser for more tea!

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