Jungpana Premium Darjeeling Black Tea from Golden Tips

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black Tea

Where to Buy: Golden TipsJungpana_Premium_Darjeeling_Black_Tea_Autumn_Flush_Organic_3_large

Tea Description:

A first-rate Autumnal from the paradisiacal tea plantations of Jungpana. Amber liquoring with a riveting aroma, this is sure to become your favorite morning cuppa. Fittingly robust and bodied, the tea brings in whiffs & undertones of muscatel complimented by distinctive maltiness unique to Darjeeling black teas through the pre-winter harvests. Taste buds capitulate to the bold slightly-earthy character of the tea as it flushes your mouth with its dominant character. A slight palatableness engulfs as you roll the liquor. Floral and dark chocolaty notes are sustained during the entire experience. An excellent tea and among our best-sellers every season.

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Taster’s Review:

Golden Tips has some of the most incredible natural tasting black teas I have ever experienced and this Jungpana Premium Darjeeling Black Tea from Golden Tips is no exception.  Their black teas are so heavy on crisp flavor that THAT is what I always find the most memorable about the black teas I have had from Golden Tips.

Jungpana Premium Darjeeling Black Tea from Golden Tips is a full-bodied Darjeeling black tea that is robust and multi-layered in flavored.  It’s exceptional on many levels.  It’s slightly Earthy but in a delightful way.  There are crusty textures ad dark chocolate hints that keep you wondering with each sip.  The end sip on to the after taste provide a non-bitter floral flavor that lingers nicely and makes you crave me.  I can totally see why this tea is among their best sellers each and every season.

It’s an easy decision to add Jungpana Premium Darjeeling Black Tea from Golden Tips to my list of all time favorite black teas.  Yum!

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