Houjicha (Light Roast) Green Tea by Kyoto Obubu Tea Plantations & Yunomi.us

obubu-ho001chu-01_d3f8d6d4-d15e-4f12-91be-991146978468_grandeTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green Tea

Where to Buy: Yunomi.us

Tea Description:

Roasted green tea, or Houjicha (ほうじ茶 sometimes 焙じ茶), is unlike any green tea you’ve tasted before. With a smooth, smoky flavor that is simultaneously light and sweet, houjicha has none of the bitterness of traditional green teas. And like decaf coffee, the roasting process removes the caffeine from the leaves making it the perfect after dinner / before bed drink.

We offer four different levels of roasting with the light roast having the weakest smoky flavor, and the smoky roast offering a deliciously deep smoky flavor.

The Light Roast is not currently listed on their website but the Basic Roast version is and you can learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Today I would like to introduce you to Houjicha (Light Roast) Green Tea by Kyoto Obubu Tea Plantations & Yunomi.us.  Yunomi.us distributes fresh-from-farm teas directly from the growers and plantation owners.  Houjicha (Light Roast) Green Tea is from Kyoto Obubu Tea Plantations and it is pretty wonderful.  Eventhough it’s currently NOT listed available for purchase on their website I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to give it a mention here at Sororitea Sisters. Houjicha (Light Roast) Kyoto Obubu Tea Plantations is – as it states – lightly roasted.  It is the twiggy kind of green tea if that is the kind of green tea that interests you.  Once infused I found this to be extremely delicious to the tongue.  It’s sweet and lightly roasted as you may expect.  It also has a semi-meek smoky flavor.  And the end-sip grows sweeter and sweeter especially after sitting at room temperature for a few minutes.  There are even specks of subtle cocoa powder notes onto the after-taste.  Just when I was thinking all Houjicha’s were starting to taste the same Houjicha (Light Roast) by Kyoto Obubu Tea Plantations and available at Yunomi.us impressed me very much!  I’m looking forward to other roasted green teas from Kyoto Obubu Tea Plantations and Yunomi.us.


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