Blueberry Scone Green Tea from 52Teas

52teas3_1430856114__73092Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy: 52Teas

Tea Description:

Organic ingredients:  green tea, freeze-dried blueberries, nutmeg and natural flavors 

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Taster’s Review:

Ever have a day where you needed your tea to lift you up? That is my day today. Everything just seems to be blah around here so I wanted something that had a bit of a pep in its step to bring some sunshine into my day. So I grabbed this one.

To start, I just love the base for green teas that 52Teas uses. It is light but still has a nice fullness to it to provide a stellar buttery flavor that I adore.  Really great base and then you add on blueberries. ..You have one delicious and refreshing tea that brings a smile to your face.

In the package the tea has similar notes to a baked good or a pastry, due to the nutmeg. Smells heavenly! Brewed up with water prepped from per the package instructions and allowed to brew for about 3 minutes (oversteeped a tad there), I poured this in my to go cup and away I went. I allowed the tea to cool for about 10 minutes and took my first sip.

You are greeted with an amazing bright and vibrant blueberry and green tea flavor that makes you want to keep drinking the tea.  I didn’t really get the scone part of the description for this tea blend but I’m ok with it. The taste you get is really lovely. Sure it would have been able to taste more of the nutmeg but what I have here is fabulous. Maybe if I shake up the pouch more, I’ll get more of that nutmeg flavor.

Another wonderful tea from 52Teas! You really can’t go wrong with them!


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