The Brew Is Out There From Geeky Teas

xfilesTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green Tea

Where to Buy: Geeky Teas

Tea Description:

Green tea with vanilla, orange peels, natural lemon and orange flavor and sunflower petals, goes great with honey from hybridized bees. Brews up a lovely green color.

I want to believe

Taster’s Review:

A tea dedicated to the X-Files?? How great is that!?!

This tea is a lovely green tea with vanilla, orange peels, lemon and orange flavors along with sunflower petals. I nice seemingly calm yet citrus blend.  I was actually surprised when I read the description of the tea. I figured a tea dedicated to the X-Files would be more dark or even darker flavors like mocha or hazelnut. But I’m not complaining. This tea sounds fabulous to me. Maybe the green tea represents little green men 🙂

Prepped up my water for this green lovely tea and waited for the tea to steep (about 4 minutes) all the while I enjoyed the lovely dry leave notes from the tin I had received.  The notes are fresh citrus notes that scream summertime.

Finally my tea was ready to try and I poured myself a huge cuppa.  The first notes I noticed was a lovely vegetal one with a touch of sweetness. Then the gorgeous wave of citrus swept thru. Not a complex tea by any means but one that has a fantastic finish with the vegetal green flavors, the sweet creamy notes of the vanilla and the citrus finish.  Each flavor plays nicely with each other and doesn’t dominate by any means. Having that vegetal green tea being the first note you get really elevates the tea. I can almost pick up a hint of an orange dreamsicle.  Really lovely.

I wanted to try this tea as an iced tea, hoping that I could pull out of those citrus and vanilla notes.  As an iced tea, the vegetal notes are more subtle and the vanilla notes really pop.  I think if I make a cold brew out of this, I will get that orange dreamsicle flavor that would be amazing for these summer months.

Overall, loving this tea.  Classic tea combo that the majority of people would enjoy. A great starter tea for those who are just getting into tea but also a delicious simple tea for tea enthusiasts. This is a combo that I’ve had a few different times over but have had mixed results.  Some have too strong of a vanilla flavor, others not enough citrus.  This is a great well blended version!



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