J’aime Caramel White Tea from Shanti Tea

header_logo3Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White Tea

Where to Buy: Shanti Tea

Tea Description:

This flavored white tea is no longer available on the Shanti Tea website but I thought it was still worth a mention.

Taster’s Review:

Eventho J’aime Caramel White Tea from Shanti Tea is no longer available for purchase on their company website I thought it was still worth a mention.  My first encounter with this tea was about 5 years ago and I knew awhile ago at some point the last of my stash would come to an end and it would be a sad, sad day.  That day has come.

I don’t think I have ever had another caramel flavored white tea but even if I did this one would be hard to beat.  It has that floral flavor that some white teas have but it also has a hardy caramel flavor to it too!  The two flavors paired together work oddly well together.  This tea is incredible smooth, sweet, floral, and a bit savory, too!

With the loss of this flavored white tea there appears to be a gap in the market.  So if any of those creative tea companies out there are trying to think of a new flavor offering in their catalog – may I suggest a caramel flavored white?  It’s shockingly tasty!


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