Fresh Jasmine from BlendBee

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy: BlendBee

Tea Description:

Indulge in this jasmine green tea blend of citrus, spice, and delicate floral notes. The perfect tea to serve hot or cold brewed. Your summer tea party won’t be complete without a pitcher of Fresh Jasmine..

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Recently I signed up for BlendBee’s monthly tea subscription and my first box arrived with my 2 teas for the month yesterday.   The first blend I checked out was Fresh Jasmine. (The other was Coco Blue which I well review in a bit so stay tuned!)

Fresh Jasmine consists of green tea, jasmine flowers, hint of spices and lemon.  I opened up the pouch to start prepping the tea and this tea had such a lovely bright candy note.  Think lemon drop candy!

Each package of tea that BlendBee sends you has the steeping parameters laid out for you.  After a few minutes of steeping and allowing the tea to cool, I was ready for my first sip. . which I’ll admit turned into a huge gulp. This blend is incredibly delicious!

Fresh juicy lemon notes pop while the green tea creates the full bodied rich buttery flavor.  The ginger creates a slight contrast that actually fits in well with the rest of the flavors.  As light and gentle as this tea is there are flavors that are bold and vibrant.  And honestly, as flavor goes-this tea does remind me of a lemon drop. Sweet and candy like.

Since this tea showed up at more door yesterday, I have already enjoyed about 10 infusions of this tea. I can’t seem to stay away from the blend.

All in all, I am crazy impressed with this tea and I’m incredibly happy with my decision to go with BlendBee.  For the price of two drinks at my local coffee shop, I get 30 cups of this (and another) amazingly fresh cuppas to enjoy.

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