The Love Dalek Tea from Adagio Teas (Custom Blends)


CuppaGeek’s Review:

Love Dalek Tea (from Adagio Teas Custom Blend platform) is a blend based off of the Doctor Who series, one of my personal favorite.   After taking a whiff of the dry leaf mix, you can almost taste a white tea flavor with notes of tart cherry and hibiscus. A great play on flavor-tart and floral.

Brewed up with water at 190F and allowed 3 minutes to steep, I was eager to take my first sip.  In this blend it seems, black tea is king.  I was eager for those white floral notes to pop out and play with the tart cherry flavorings added- but that didn’t happen right away.

At the very beginning of each sip, you know that the black tea reigns supreme.  What I was hoping would be a lovely floral cherry tea with a slight astringency, turned into a heavy handed astringent hibiscus tea party.

But I wasn’t ready to just say, this isn’t my cuppa.  After all, this is a Doctor Who blend.  So I prepped a few more sessions with this tea. And Eureka! After third infusion I was finally able to pull out a lovely white tea astringent tea with pops of floral and cherry notes.  Delicious and exactly what I was looking for.

So what are my final thoughts on this tea? As confused as the blend seems to be, I think there is potential. This may be a tea that needs a good solid cold brew to allow all the flavors an opportunity to shine.  I’m glad I have a few servings left to try just that!

All in all, I still love the idea behind Custom Blends from Adagio Teas. Drinking a tea dedicated to your favorite fandoms just gives one warm fuzzies!!

What to learn more about this tea?

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black/White Tea Blend

Where to Buy: Adagio Teas

Tea Description:


Ingredients:  White Peony, Black Tea, Rose Hips, Hibiscus, Apple Pieces, Rose Petals, Natural Wild Cherry Flavor, Rose Flavor, Dried Cherries

 Learn even more about this tea here.

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