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CuppaGeek’s Review:

Hibiscus blends are ones that tea enthusiasts either love or hate. The hibiscus can make the most wonderful tea tart and overwhelm or it can heighten the flavors of the tea and take the blend to the next level.

And that is exactly what hibiscus does in this amazing herbal blend from DaveandSolomonsTea, an Etsy store. Packed full of gorgeous jasmine flowers and rose petals, the picture really doesn’t do this blend justice.  And yes, those gorgeous floral components are on a bed of hibiscus but stick with me on this one.

Since these are our last days of summer, I wanted to cold brew this tea to really develop the flavors. So I grabbed my travel tumbler, scooped a bit of the blend into the steeper and added ice and cold water. Allowed the tea to steep for a bit (30 minutes or so), and poured the tea over fresh ice. The color of the brew was a gorgeous pink-purple color with hints of peach. Really gorgeous to look at. But again, the color says “Hibiscus Alert!”. . . .keep sticking me with my friends. . .

First sip in and you are greeted with a lovely sweet floral profile with a tang of citrus.  Notice I didn’t mention tartness yet? That is because this tea isn’t tart! With the amount of gorgeous flower buds and petals in this tea, the sweet floral notes control the tartness and bring it to what I would consider is a tang.  I don’t pick up any resounding notes of hibiscus. Maybe subtle reminders here and there.

The star of this tea is the amazing sweet floral flavor that you get. I can’t stop drinking this tea-well balanced and full of flavor!  My tea tumbler has a continuous supply of cold water poured into it so I can keep enjoying this tea. Fresh, crisp, sweet, refreshing and good for the soul, you can’t get a better cold brew experience.

Eventually I’ll have to try some of this blend brewed hot, but I’m crazy with what I’ve having now.

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Herbal

Where to Buy: DaveandSolomonsTea 

Tea Description:

Absolutely Delish!!! A Blend of Lemongrass, Hibiscus, Rose Petals and natural flavors…. Not only is this loose tea beautiful & fragrant…it’s delicious!

Enjoy Hot or Iced!!!

Learn even more about this tea here.

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