Mint To Be Together from For Tea’s Sake

At first glance, this tea sounds stellar-a combo of different mints and lemon peel.  Sounds refreshing and so inviting. When I opened the pouch, I was greeted with a fresh feel to the tea.

For Tea’s Sake is one that I stumbled upon after lunch with my parents at a neighboring town. I couldn’t resist grabbing 4 different kinds of their loose leaf tea to try.

Brewed up with fresh water at 212F and allowed to steep for 5 minutes, I poured myself a generous cuppa to enjoy. Unfortunately, first sip in, I knew this tea wasn’t for me. The lemon and mint didn’t play very well. Since I wasn’t in love with what I had, I thought I would try a nice cold brew.

So I scooped what I had remaining of this tea into a pitcher and allowed the tea to sit overnight. I have to say this way of brewing the tea yielded a better flavor but I just don’t think this is a tea cut out for me.

Final Thoughts? The lemon was present and quite lovely but I just didn’t like the combo of the mint with the lemon. It was almost like the mint either needed to be pulled back a bit or more lemon peel added in. This tea (for me) seems to be sort of confused. Regardless, I appreciate the effort. I would try this tea again in a heart beat just to try adding in another spoonful or maybe even cold brewing for another day or two. Or maybe even add in strawberries or raspberries. That may be the ticket.

Just one of those blends that needs a bit of experimenting!

Here’s the Scoop!

Leaf Type:  Herbal

Where to Buy: For Tea’s Sake

logo (4)Description:

For Tea’s Sake Mint To Be Together Loose Leaf Iced Tea Blend. The perfect combination of tart lemonade and refreshing mint is reminiscent of warm sunny days and long conversations in the shade. Lemonade and friends are meant to be together. Mint Lemonade, 1.8oz/45g Tin.

peppermint, ground lemon peel and spearmint

Learn more about this tea and tea company here.

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