Red Mango From Thea’s English Standard Tea

I love  Amazon. I buy groceries and household staples all the time.  But I rarely check out their tea offerings until the other day when I stumbled upon Thea’s English Standard Tea.

Thea’s English Standard Tea offers a few different varieties of bottled tea-all natural with zero calories.  I love the idea of having a crisp iced tea at my disposable. I’ve never been a fan of other bottle iced teas you can get at the store so I was hoping this would be something special.

Red Mango is  a vibrant brew with purified water, brewed rooibos and black tea, mango flavor, hibiscus, and other natural flavors and citric acid.  Yes. This has red rooibos in it and I tried it.  And what was my verdict?

This tea is delicious! Crisp clean with just a little bit of that red rooibos aftertaste.  I am not a fan of red rooibos and have gone so far as calling the herb my arch enemy. But in this tea you really don’t notice it very much.  What you really notice are the rich mango and black tea flavors with a tartness hint here and there.  There is a definite tropical vibe coming from this bottle.  Not overpowering but the perfect amount of flavor.

Tastes freshly brewed and there are no hints of any diet like flavors or sweeteners.  A perfect iced tea that is perfectly portable. I enjoyed mine with my lunch of fruit and veggies and loved how the flavors all coordinated.    From the logo to the packaging, I just adore this iced tea and can’t wait to check out their other flavors.  I’m looking at you White Blueberry!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black/Rooibos
Where to Buy:  Thea’s English Standard Tea

logo (4)Description:

We explored a garden of tropical tastes to create an adventurous and abundantly fruity brew. Mango, Hibiscus and Orange Blossoms are layered with Herbal Rooibos and Select Black Tea

All Natural  |  Zero Calorie  |  Sugar Free  |  Diet Sweetener Free

Ingredients: A tastefully ripened blend of Purified water, Brewed Black and Rooibos, Natural Mango Flavor, Extractives of Hibiscus, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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