Blue Lady from Zest Tea

Blue Lady from Zest Tea instantly caught my eye with the modern packaging and the idea that there is extra caffeine in the blend. I have tried Zest Tea in the past and have really loved the tea. I had high expectations for this blend.

Black tea, cornflower petals, hibiscus, orange, lemon, and passion fruit flavors are lovely packaged into each sachet. This blend has a lovely citrus slightly fruity note while steeping. I steeped the tea with boiling water and allowed the tea about 3 minutes to create the lovely brew.

My first sip was a solid sturdy black tea presence with subtle hints of citrus and a nod to a tartness that I enjoyed. Sip after sip, this tea sachet delivered a sturdy full bodied flavor.  Here is my only complaint with this tea. Drink this tea while it is warm, because as the tea cools, the black tea becomes very astringent and the hibiscus starts to overwhelm with tart notes.

Even though I did enjoy this tea hot, I think this tea would be best presented as an iced tea. By cold brewing I think the tart and astringent notes would calm giving way to a softer and gentler tea.

All in all, yes this is a solid tea to keep on hand, but I can’t say this would be an every day tea for me.  But this could be that great tea to keep in your desk for when you start to feel that 2pm crash start to happen. . .. . .

Here’s the Scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy: Zest Tea


Our Blue Lady Black blends a sultry South Indian black tea base with an aromatic mix of orange, lemon, passion fruit, and hibiscus. A peppering of vivid blue cornflower petals and bits of orange peel make for a visual spectacle. Blue lady will excite all of your senses. No wonder this is a favorite among hot and chilled tea drinkers.

Learn more about this tea here.

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