Holistic Hearts (Black) Tea from Beleave Teas

Holistic Hearts (Black) Tea from Beleave Teas is the second tea I have had from this company and I have to say both impressions have been positive ones!  As soon as I opened the package of this Holistic Hearts (Black) Tea from Beleave Teas I could smell a fruity yet crusty combo – much like a jelly croissant!  As you can see from the photo above Holistic Hearts (Black) Tea from Beleave Teas comes in the shape of hearts.

My first infusion of this Holistic Hearts (Black) Tea from Beleave Teas was a lighter to medium black tea liquor in the cup and a semi-sweet and bit of fruity notes on the first few sips.  I knew this would be a black tea I would want to infuse multiple times and I am glad I did.  I actually prefer my second cup of Holistic Hearts (Black) Tea from Beleave Teas to the first because it was stronger!

The second infusion was much more hardy, more strong, more malty, and a deeper flavor all around.  It was like I was drinking to completely different teas and I am ok with that.  I love doing a compare and contrast with the multiple infusions.

With the third infusion the tea color was much like the first infusion but the flavor was somewhere in between the first and third infusion taste-wise.  The differences in the taste in the third infusion that I didn’t notice in prior infusions was the creamier maltiness rather than a hardy maltiness.

This Holistic Hearts (Black) Tea from Beleave Teas is a real thinker.  I like that in a tea.  One that makes you think.  One that forces you to take your time.  Sometimes we all need that, don’t we?


Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black Tea

Where to Buy:  Beleave Teas


Dark Tea and rose petals from the Hunan province of China are compressed into single cup heart shaped pieces. Very smooth with a natural sweetness. Probiotic tea.

Learn more about this tea here.

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