Earl Gray From Ahmad Tea

My daughter’s boyfriend spent part of his summer holiday in London. He had a good time, and I’m sure it’s a trip he’ll always remember. When he came home he gave me a lovely set of teas. Have I mentioned my daughter is dating a brilliant young man? He most certainly knows how to make this tea lover smile! Since I’m a fan of Earl Grey I tried this tea first and have enjoyed several cups of it already.

The flavor of the tea is simple but good. The scent of the bergamot is strong. In fact it was so strong that I was expecting the citrus note to overwhelm the tea. However, the bergamot flavor is light and blends nicely with the tea. There is a crispness as well as a tiny bit of dryness at the end of the sip. I didn’t find the slight astringency distracting. In fact, I felt that it added to the overall pleasantness of the cup.

If you are a big fan of bergamot and want a strong hit of citrus with each sip then this might not be the tea for you. For those looking for an Earl Grey that has a nice balance between the bergamot and the base tea then this is a tea with checking out. Personally, I will be reaching for this one again and again.

Maybe… just maybe… I’ll get to make my own trip to England one day to replenish my stash. My inner Anglophile is doing a happy dance at the very thought of it. Until then, cheers!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black
Where to Buy: Ahmad


A special blend of tea with Earl Grey. Specially selected leaves from the hillsides of Sri Lanka and other countries, enhanced with the delightful scent of bergamot. A full-flavored tea, full of personality, and subtly balanced. 100 tagged teabags.


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