White Chocolate Coconut Latte from East Indies Tea Company

Some Mondays you want to get kicked violently into gear; other weeks need a gentler approach. Today I decided coconut & white chocolate would be a gradual entry into another 6-day workweek. I wanted the caress of subtle flavors and a bit of black tea.

This tea totally delivered on that. The flavors are sweet and subtle. The green tea mellows the black tea, and the coconut sweetens the deal.

This is not a combat-boot-to-the-teeth tea. This is the Good Cop of teas. I would absolutely make a confession to this tea.

“Yeah,” I’d say, “I accept the plea bargain. I’ll sign the confession. Mostly because I really like you, but also because I committed the crime. I stole those 8 puppies from the pet store and cuddled with them in a giant nest chair for 3 days, with regular potty breaks and snacks, of course. It was me. I was caught puppy-handed.”

Please ship this to me in jail, Sisters.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black
Where to Buy: East Indies Tea & Coffee
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No Longer on the site, but these are the flavors they offer!

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