Green Bluff Green from Winterwoods Tea via Amoda Monthly Subscription

Green Bluff Green from Winterwoods Tea was part of the Amoda Box I received and I have to say I was THRILLED because I had not had many or any experiences with tea from Winterwoods Tea before!

monthlyboxThis tea is made up of Jasmine Green Tea, Green Rooibos, Jasmine Flowers, Dried Apples and Calendula. That’s right…Green Bluff Green from Winterwoods Tea…a green tea and green rooibos blend! The green tea was mellow. The green rooibos was, too! They blended well, tho, to create a taste of its own! The Apple is also subtle but without it this flavor would have a completely different taste! The Jasmine is on the sweeter side. It’s NOT bitter in the slightest! Green Bluff Green from Winterwoods Tea is a pleasant surprise.

As I continue to sip I find I am liking Green Bluff Green from Winterwoods Tea more and more. I’m amazed at the blending expertise that went into this flavor combo. Everything plays it’s role well. This is tasty hot or cold. It’s on the sweeter side and I really find that enjoyable and surprising for this Jasmine flavored Green Tea and Green Rooibos blend! I can totally see why Amoda chose to include this tea in one of their boxes!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green
Where to Buy: Amoda Tea Shop


A beautiful jasmine green tea blended with fragrant green rooibos. Floral and sweet. This has two different green teas in the blend and handpicked, organic Washington grown apples. Perfect to calm you down on stressful work days. High in antioxidants and low in                                                                                       caffeine.

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