Hot & Cold Teas at Tim Hortons #VeganMoFo2016

This is a different sort of a post here at Sororitea Sisters.  Not only is this a chain location review of sorts it’s also to mention both the Hot & Cold Teas at Tim Hortons.  Keep in mind that Tim Hortons locations vary state by state and throughout Canada.  Not only are various Hot & Cold Teas available at Tim Hortons some locations have bagged tea, loose leaf teas, and other specialty offerings.

Hot & Cold Teas at Tim Hortons are not my only reason for posting about this topic here today.  For today’s Vegan MoFo prompt “Where do you eat when you want someone else to cook for you” I decided to use Hot & Cold Teas at Tim Hortons as a tie-in.  Not only does Tim Hortons have VARIOUS Tea Options they have a decent amount of VEGAN Options for quick food, too!  If you CLICK HERE you will see which of their foods are VEGAN.  I, personally, have a weakness for their bagels with a slice of tomato and Hot & Cold Teas at Tim Hortons depending on the season.  Their HOT teas are peppy and strong for bagged and their UnSWEETENED Iced Tea is usually a winner when on the go!


Hot & Cold Teas from Tim Hortons

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Various Tea Bases
Where to Buy: Tim Hortons
Description: With so many Tim Hortons specialty teas to choose from, there’s one for all your tea-savoring moments. Whether you like to relax with a soothing cup of caffeine-free herbal tea, or prefer the distinctive flavor of Earl Grey or Green Tea, Tim Hortons makes tea time, your time.

Available in a variety of flavors throughout the year and in seasonal favorites.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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