Sweet Slo-Sippin’ SimpliciTEA Green from Cup of Love

Are you a fan of Lemon AND Lime flavor things? Are you a fan of SWEET…Slow…Sippin’? Then Sweet Slo-Sippin’ SimpliciTEA Green Tea from Cup of Love might just be one to try!

Wonderful lemon and lime scents fill the air as soon as you open the package of Sweet Slo-Sippin’ SimpliciTEA Green Tea from Cup of Love. You can clearly see the dried pieces of citrusy fruit waiting to be infused. There are also petals and grasses of flavored-delightfulness that you can see in the dry blend as well.

It’s intensely aromatic and a great flavored green tea once you’ve infused the loose leaf mix in your favorite strainer or other method for loose leaf, that is. Sweet Slo-Sippin’ SimpliciTEA Green Tea from Cup of Love is just what I needed when I needed it! It’s scrumptious hot but also dandy cold/iced, too!

If you prefer black teas to green teas Cup of Love has a flavored Black Tea version of this, too, that I think you will enjoy! Lucky for me…I adored BOTH. I can’t pick one over the other at this time. I like them equally but for different reasons! Now…back to…Slo-Sippin’!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green Tea
Where to Buy: Cup of Love

The classic sweet Southern Lemony Iced Black Tea taste, just like it was sun-brewed on the front porch for relief from those sticky Southern summer days and nights.  Cool and refreshing, our SimpliciTeas are handcrafted with love and nostalgia to deliver that yummy, homespun goodness!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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