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Mini Yunnan Tuocha Tea – Red Label from Teasenz

Mini Yunnan Tuocha Tea – Red Label from Teasenz

Mini Yunnan Tuocha Tea – Red Label – from Teasenz requires time and multiple infusions so today’s post will be just that…my own personal findings from multiple infusions with Mini Yunnan Tuocha Tea – Red Label – from Teasenz.

Infusion 1: The hot water hasn’t fully separated the mini tuo cha and that’s okay because I will focus on multiple infusions with this Mini Yunnan Tuocha Tea – Red Label – from Teasenz. My first infusion made the water a light brown. The aroma was a warm woodsy sniff with very faint malty notes. The first sip of the first infusion was nice. It was fairly pale but comforting. It offered delicious warming flavors that were almost cinnamon-like. I needed to further explore this square tuo cha!

Infusion 2: The color of Mini Yunnan Tuocha Tea – Red Label – from Teasenz during the 2nd infusion was a dark brown. The nose wasn’t too intense but still pleasant. I could pick up a hint of crust in the aroma this time around. The taste was pretty smooth with a semi-sweet yet malty taste. I enjoyed the 2nd infusion more than the 1st because it was more defined. As an after thought and after taste there was a sprinkle of citrus that I could taste, too!

Infusion 3: I know I could go on and on with additional infusions but I think I am going to end this session with the 3rd infusion because I am very satisfied with the color and aroma. And because there are so many teas and so little time! By the 3rd infusion the mini square has fully separated. The infusion color is very dark brown – almost coffee-like. The aroma is very earthy but not wormy and not overly wet-wood like some pu-erh tend to be. More of a warming, dry-wood, with citrus underneath maybe even a touch of cinnamon powder. NOT cinnamon per say but a powdery likeness instead. The taste is earthy but in a malty way. It’s REALLY smooth, too, but in a malty-way! It’s NOT bitter at all and I really LOVE that. Mini Yunnan Tuocha Tea – Red Label – from Teasenz ends with some sort of citrus note but I can’t quite put my finger (or tongue) on it. It’s not really the peel flavor – or as strong as orange zest – maybe it’s more of a citrusy-pith flavor instead. Regardless – I’m a fan!

I really suggest taking your time with Mini Yunnan Tuocha Tea – Red Label – from Teasenz and enjoy multiple infusions. If you don’t care for the 1st – move on to the 2nd. If you still aren’t sure – try a 3rd – and so on! There are so many opportunities here and I am thankful I was able to try at least 3 of them!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Pu-erh
Where to Buy: Teasenz

If you are new to pu erh tea and have yet to discover the different types of aromas it offers, then this mini tuocha tea mix is the right place to start. Reap the weight loss benefits of this pu erh while enjoying the diverse mix of flavors that ensure you will never get bored.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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