Marshmallow Krispy Treat from The NecessiTeas. . . .An Handmade Treat!

I will admit it. . I have an addiction to The NecessiTeas. I love their handmade blends and the unique teas they offer. And this is just one of many that has recently captured my heart!

When a tea has marshmallows in it, it is an instant buy. There is no thought of “Do I really need another tea?”  The tea instantly goes into my cart.  So when Marshmallow Krispy Treat showed up at my door, I was crazy happy. I mean mix my love of marshmallows with my love of The NecessiTeas. . .What could be better?

This hand blended tea has a black tea base with freeze dried mini marshmallows, rice krispes, and natural flavors. I couldn’t wait to steep this tea up. I prepped the tea per the recommended steeping suggestions- 212F- steep 5 minutes and took a sip.

Delicious! Creamy sweet notes with a lovely malty finish. The marshmallows really do add that marshmallow treat feel. I don’t really get much out of the rice krispies but I can definitely get the nod to my favorite sticky treat.  It even smells like a marshmallow treat!

This tea is currently available and honestly, if you haven’t tried The NecessiTeas I encourage you to. Their teas are hand blended with love and I haven’t had a bad one yet. They are fresh, quality, and deliver a solid flavor. Plus you get a lovely tin with your tea. Really fabulous tea from a wonderful tea company!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black Tea
Where to Buy: The NecessiTeas

Why not take the awesomeness of Marshmallow Krispy Treats and transform them into a tea? Well that’s exactly what we’ve done! The outcome is an incredibly tasty blend filled with ooey- gooey goodness!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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