Spiced Apple Chai from Adagio Tea

This tastes spot-on like spiced apple cider. It tastes precisely like something one would buy at a farmer’s market from an Amish person. You could imagine them hand-mashing it, mulling it, and dropping in a dallop of cinnamon. Totally real ingredients, all the indulgence, with none (or almost none) of the calories.

You’d then carry your cup of this cider into a pumpkin patch, with your partner, who wants to “share” it with you. But really, s/he wants to drink 75% and not hold their own cup. Then, when it’s drunk down, you didn’t get enough (there is NEVER ENOUGH of something so tasty). AND you’re left holding an empty cup in your hand and no trash can.

In vengeance, you make them carry the pumpkin in line to the weighing station, and then make them pull the goop out of the pumpkin’s head at home while you drink wine and watch reality TV.

You insist on a “cute” pumpkin this year instead of an “elaborate” pumpkin.

You get your way. Because you gave them some of your cider (or tea that tastes like cider, in this instance), and it was the bomb.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black Tea
Where to Buy: Adagio Teas

Our Spiced Apple Chai features the timeless, comforting combination of apples and spice. A lively blend of black tea, classic spices from Indian Masala Chai and bright notes of crisp apple. Juicy and pleasantly sweet, like warm applesauce, with a clean, refreshing texture. We suggest two heaping teaspoons per 8 oz cup. Sugar, cream or soy if desired

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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