Hibiscus Fruit Punch from Hackberry Tea. . . . . .

I either love or hate hibiscus tea. Some I find way too tart, and others are perfect. I was excited to try this blend because it had fruit punch in the name. It seemed like it would be fruitier and less tart. This blend includes apples, orange peel, raspberries, lemongrass (my love) and other fruits and berries. I made a pitcher and iced it because i think iced is the only way to drink hibiscus tea.

I was not disappointed at all. It still has the typical hibiscus tartness, but the fruits balance it out. I made it with just water, no sweetener and it really doesn’t need any. I closed my eyes and sipped and imagined myself on a warm sunny beach somewhere. I may never be able to drink plain Hibiscus tea again!

The fruit makes it naturally sweet, but in no way is it cloying. And the sweetness from the fruit does not totally mask the tartness of the Hibiscus, it just compliments it. Right now we’re in the middle of winter where I live, but this tea made me feel warm and summery. I feel like this would be a very refreshing iced drink on a hot summer day.

This is also a perfect tea for anyone who wants the many health benefits of hibiscus tea, but finds it too tart. It really does taste like a very natural, organic refreshing fruit punch!! And it needs no sweetener so that makes it even better in my opinion!

If you’re like me and feeling so over winter, brew yourself some of this delicious tea, close your eyes and imagine a warm, tropical paradise!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Herbal
Where to Buy:  Hackberry Tea

Fruit Punch with a kick. Or maybe Fruit tea with a punch? No, Fruit Punch with a hibiscus kick. This is the best fruit tea I’ve sampled (Don’t tell Ruby Zest). It has a great blend of sweet and tart and has so much going on fruit-wise that I just had to call it fruit punch. I want to pour a glass of it iced, sit on my porch and watch the sunset.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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