Vanilla Creme from Teavana. . . . A Honeybush Blend

Every August in my childhood, my family would spend a week or two at my grandparents’ cabin in the north woods of Wisconsin. My sisters and I would spend days catching sand toads, splashing in the river, hiking through pine forests, gorging ourselves on cheese curds & ice cream, and staying up way too late to stargaze and– even more importantly (to 6-year-old Mary), make s’mores.

I was obsessed with roasting the perfect marshmallow– brown and toasty on the outside, nice and gooey on the inside. Never burnt (yuck)– those got immediately relegated to my dad’s plate, undiscerning-marshmallow-eater that he was. I think I torched my marshmallows more than I got them that perfect, brown-and-toasted consistency, but it was always a celebration when I nailed it.

And this tea, simple and unassuming thought it may be, perfectly captures that roasty brown, toasted marshmallow flavor of my youth. Slightly sweet vanilla, creamy and understated with hust a touch of woodiness, it’s balanced and tasty without being overdone. With just a little milk and a touch of honey, it’s a decadent (and caffeine-free) treat worthy of any campfire.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Herbal/Honeybush
Where to Buy: Teavana

Indulge in dessert-inspired sweetness that brings out the wild honeybush and tames it into a creamy confection. The South African honeybush is grown in the wild and carries soft, clear honey tones when it’s blended with sweet vanilla beans. The result is a smooth, warm and friendly, creamy dessert tisane.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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