Ever Tried a Tea from Grand Tea? We did! 2016 Shi Feng Supreme Dragonwell from Grand Tea

Shi Feng Supreme Dragonwell from Grand tea is a hand-processed green tea from China. Each of the light green leaves are roasted and hand-flattened into perfect little ovals. The first scent that comes forward in the dry leaf is an almost-floral, dark chocolate flavor. Beneath that first chocolate note, there are starchy tones of toasted rice.

I was careful with the temperature of my water to keep from burning the tea leaves, which makes all the difference with green teas. This tea brews up pale yellow and tastes much brighter than the dry leaf smelled. There are citrus and mineral notes, like lemon and coppery pennies. The back of each sip is softer, with more roasted, warming sensations.

I brewed these leaves twice, and found the second steep to be stronger with this toasted flavor, less sweet and more savory. Where the first steep was bright and mineral, the second steep was earthy and toasty. In both brewings the mouthfeel was exceedingly smooth and brought on pleasant feelings of warmth and comfort. Quite a bit of work went into preparing these leaves and the taste and experience of brewing them is well worth the effort.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green
Where to Buy: Grand Tea

Shi Feng Long Jing is among the ten most popular teas in China. The light green tea leaves are roasted and flattened (by hand) before they are ready for use. The tea soothes your senses with its floral, marine aromas while the velvety, thick texture re-energizes you.

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