Catarina from Sicilian Tea Company . . . .

If there’s anything that has surprised me most from my years as a tea drinker is how I’m constantly learning to like new flavors. In this case? Licorice. (I KNOW. Stick with me, I promise.)

I, like many in the general population, have despised the anise-y, sugary taste of black licorice for years. So whenever I saw it as an ingredient in anything– but mainly tea– you’d usually see my turn my nose up and run for the other direction. But a few years back, I was getting my hair done at a salon that served Aveda tea (you know the type) and without thinking, accepted the cup that was handed to me. As I sipped, I was pleasantly surprised by the earthy sweetness that lingered. “What IS this magic,” I thought. Shocked as I was to find that this delightful flavor was coming from licorice itself, a whole new category of teas has just opened itself up to me.

And now, I find myself reaching *for* licorice teas whenever I’m given the chance. Usually they’re herbal, though, so you can bet I was surprised to see this black blend boast flavors of– you guessed it– licorice, along with spicy orange and cardamom. It’s robust as I’d hope a black tea to be, but needs no honey whatsoever with the delightful natural sweetness from the licorice. The orange and cardamom are almost reminiscent of a twist on a chai, and bring some lovely complexity to the brew. A bonus: these leaves resteep beautifully, and I got consistently great flavor after two, even three cups.

Don’t get me wrong: I still won’t be going anywhere near black licorice jellybeans anytime soon. But if you’re like me and think that licorice can never be for you, give it a sip and see if that changes your tune!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  Sicilian Tea Company

Bored by bland brews? Catarina is your fix. Cardamom and orange peel make this Indian black tea blend pop. Bye-bye, bland.

Remember to re-brew your tea.

When brewed as suggested the large tin yields approximately 80+ servings, and the small tin yields approximately 16+ servings.

Ingredients: organic and fairly traded black teas, organic orange peel, organic cardamom, organic licorice root (to sweeten).

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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