On Wisconsin from A Quarter To Tea . . . . A Cheesecake Tea with Cow Sprinkles!

Normally when I see oolong teas with vague names, I pay them no mind. That’s because I don’t usually love oolongs so unless something else catches my eye, I just keep browsing. Luckily I have the sororitea sisters to talk teas with and when I read or hear a rave review, it gets me intrigued…oolong or not. When it came to this tea, CuppaGeek mentioned it was one I just had to get when placing an A Quarter to Tea order and she was certainly right.

One sip. One sip is all it took to get me hooked. In fact, I had a quick cup of this a week ago and have been thinking about it since. So, I couldn’t put it off anymore and got to brewing up another mug of this oolong deliciousness.

This is one of the few teas that promises cheesecake and actually delivers. A slight and familiar cream cheese tang. All atop an incredibly creamy flavor. There is also a honey sweetness drizzled in the mix. All this tastiness and yet the oolong is still present. However, in this case I think it is helping create the overall cheesecake flavor, floral yet sweet. No roastiness. No vegetal flavors. No artificial notes. Just a whole lot of good.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Oolong
Where to Buy: A Quarter To Tea

A sweet and creamy jade oolong with sweet honey and cheesecake flavors and cow sprinkles straight from the dairy state.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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