Sour Apple Green from Stylin’ Tea Blends. . . . .

YUM! Can I just start off by saying…YUM!? Well, there! I ‘done..did it’! Sour Apple Green from Stylin’ Tea Blends is MORE than brilliantly done! It’s a MUST on my flavored green teas of the moment list! Here’s why…

Sour Apple Green from Stylin’ Tea Blends – as you can guess – is a sour apple flavored green tea! It’s made up of Green Tea, Apple Pieces, Lemon Pieces, Safflower Petals, and Sunflower Petals. It’s gorgeously colorful to look at dry and smells wonderful. The aroma gets even stronger and juicier once infused!

Yummy, juicy, sweet apple paired with citrus, tart, and puckery lemon do a nice tie-in with the medium-strength yet sweeter tasting green tea base. The floral ingredients I assumed were more for show actually did contribute a bit of floral flavor that was noticeable on the end sip and after taste.

I’m not going to hide it – I absolutely LOVE this tea! You can’t go wrong with a hot or a cold cup of Sour Apple Green from Stylin’ Tea Blends. But here’s another way to enjoy it…Sour Apple Green Vodka!

Sour Apple Green Vodka Recipe

INGREDIENTS: 7 tsp Sour Apple Green tea leaves; 1 750-ml bottle Vodka

PREPARATION: Place 7 tsp of Sour Apple Green tea leaves in large jar. Pour entire bottle of vodka over tea leaves and stir. Infuse for 4 to 6 hours, stirring occasionally. After infusion, strain the liquid back into the vodka bottle.

This totally makes sense to me, tho! I remember in my college days having Sour Apple Pucker. This tea reminds me of it! That takes me back!

So no matter which way you slice it – Sour Apple Green from Stylin’ Tea Blends – is going to be a fun and flavorful adventure in a cup! ENJOY Responsibly!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green Tea
Where to Buy:  Stylin’ Tea Blends

What happens when you blend delicious Sencha green tea with apple and lemon pieces?  A delicious blend that is great hot or iced.  We have also been told it is great when infused with vodka.  The vendor actually gave us instructions of how to create Sour Apple Green Vodka with their tea.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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